Saturday, September 20, 2014

Anime Reviews: Rozen Maiden 2013

One time at an anime convention I used to regularly attend I was introduced to the show Rozen Maidens, and anime about dolls that must fight to become the best for their creator. I recently decided to watch it, but mistakenly stumbled upon another series with the same characters in an alternate universe. I originally thought that it was just a DVD adaption, but after completing the series I discovered that there was a separate show that was the original. I have yet to watch it at the time of writing this post.

I enjoyed the story and music of the 2013 version of Rozen Maidens. The doll characters all have very beautiful outfits and their own, distinct personalities. I very much enjoyed the music in the show as well. The opening and closing themes both have a strong presence to them. The story followed that  of Jun, the main character from the original show, in an alternate universe where the Rozen Maiden dolls did not exist. Unfortunately, the story didn't grab me until the last few episodes as it seemed somewhat confusing and I didn't really connect with any of the characters until the end. The ending was open, allowing for a continuation of the series at a later point in time.

To be honest, I contemplated not watching the whole series due to not investing my interest in it, but I decided to continue until the end as it was a short series. I enjoyed the last three or four episodes the most.

I apologize for not having a lot to say about the show, but it did not leave me with a very strong impression. I likely won't be recommending this anime to others as I felt the story was rather weak and somewhat predictable at points.

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