Saturday, May 6, 2017

Lolita 52 Challenge: Purses that I Love

Hello everyone! So today's topic is purses that I love. I only really have one specifically Lolita purse, so for the most part these will be purses I want to eventually get or that I appreciate the aesthetics of. Be sure to let me know which ones you also like or your favorite Lolita purse in the comments!

All pictures are sourced from Lolibrary unless otherwise noted.

#1: Old school heart purses
 My number one favorite style of purse (and coincidentally the only one on this list I have one of) is the old school heart purses with round metal handles, lace around the border, and a big ribbon in the center. I really fell in love with them after watching Kamikaze Girls and seeing Momoko carrying them around with her. Unfortunately the one I have is only a design replica, but I love it all the same and am less concerned about it being used heavily.

#2: Angelic Pretty Candy bag
I'm a huge fan of sweets inspired pieces, so naturally I adore Angelic Pretty's Candy Stripe Bag. I'm hoping to get one eventually, but I'm focusing more on main pieces for the moment, so I'll have to wait on buying it.

#3: Book shaped bags
 While they don't generally fit my personal style, I really love the look of bags that look like books! I think they look very elegant and are a fun idea while still being a practical shape, unlike the previous two bags I've listed. (Trying to set down a heart shaped purse without having it dump half it's contents out is a bit of a challenge.)

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