Saturday, August 5, 2017

Shibajuku Girl Dolls Review

Hello everyone! I'm back and today I'll be doing a review of one of the new Shibajuku Girl doll I got not too long ago. Unfortunately I don't have a Pullip doll to compare it to, so I'll be giving my opinion based on the doll's quality, design, and price. Let me know in the comments if you have one of these dolls or are considering getting one!

 Shibajuku Girl dolls are made from a hard plastic, with rooted hair, inset eyes, a moveable head, and articulated joints at the wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees. The entire doll is made from a hard plastic with no mobility outside of the joints. The hair fibers feel nice, but had some glue or styling product on them when I first opened the doll. While not especially thin, I feel there could be more hair since her scalp can show at times if her hair isn't placed right. While looking at the painted on makeup, I noticed it was a little sloppy in places and there appeared to be a spot of misplaced paint on her face as well. While posing my Shibajuku Girl, I noticed that it's very easy for her limbs to twist the wrong direction, which could easily lead to damage or breakage if I'm not careful to make sure they're turned correctly when trying to flex her joints. Other than that, her joints move well. My first impression of the Shibajuku Girl I have is that, for the price, she's pretty good quality, but she's definitely not top quality.

 So, the first thing I noted about the Shibajuku Girl dolls is how much they resemble a Pullip doll (number 1 reason I wanted to get one). I couldn't say for sure how much inspiration was drawn from Pullips since I don't personally have one, but I have a feeling that Shibajuku Girl's design was heavily based off of the Pullip's. Judging from the recent influx I've seen of certain Japanese trends (usually ones that have been around for a while), I'd say this is another instance of that. The dolls all have the same base design with slight differences in hair and eye colors and hair and makeup designs. Each doll has its own style of clothing as well. Overall, I'd say the dolls could use a bit more variation on their base looks, but they're still all a cute design.

 As I mentioned before while discussing the quality of the Shibajuku Girl dolls, there are some problems with joints moving out of place when moving them. Outside of that, the dolls have fairly good poseability due to the joints in their limbs. However, due to the size and weight of the doll's head in comparison to their bodies, it's very difficult to get them to stand on their own, if not impossible. The Shibajuku Girls unfortunately do not come with stands, making it difficult to have much posing variety on their own. Overall, I'd say they have pretty decent poseability, but could have better with a stand.

Clothing Variety
 If you're like me, you like dolls not just for aesthetics and like to dress them up in different outfits too. The Shibajuku Girls all have very cute base outfits that come with them and they're all different J-fashion inspired looks, so it's not too difficult to get one that matches your aesthetic. There are a handful of outfit packs available as well which usually come with a hair accessory and a top and bottom or dress. Unfortunately, there are currently no available extra shoe or sock options specifically made for the Shibajuku Girl dolls. After doing a bit of research, it looks like there are some other doll styles that have compatible clothing, but many come with clothing on the doll only. It appears some Pullip clothing and shoes may also work for them, but I don't have any to try out.

Final Rating: 3/5
 While the Shibajuku Girl dolls are pretty cute, they're still lacking the variety I'd like to see in a fashion doll, like Barbie and Licca have. I also am a little disappointed in the quality level, but it's understandable based on the target market (young children) and the price point. While I do regret buying her a little bit, I do still enjoy my Shibajuku Girl, but don't anticipate getting any more unless their quality improves.

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